Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tangerine Acrylic in Moleskine Sketchbook!

Not the most imaginative post title but it's nothing if not specific! No, the reason is that this is a very hastily written post as Alexander is being taken out for a walk at the moment by our lovely volunteer helper and he is due back any minute. I get 2 hours help a week and I have spent most of it cleaning. I'm not that much into cleaning but a basic standard of hygiene must be kept at least! Especially given the amount of food Alex hurls at the floor during mealtimes! Plus there is Loxie's obstreperous malted fur to be eradicated.

Anyway, a week or so ago I was brave and finally got the acrylics out, regardless of whether or not I would have time to do a painting with them from start to finish. I thought it best to paint while Alexander was awake as sleeptime is just too uncertain. After the success of the banana watercolour painting I thought painting at breakfast again would be a good bet. He has a pretty good level of patience to sit in his highchair, eat fruit and muffins and watch me paint.

And here is the 'fruit' of my labour (I guess that could also be a title applied to Alexander!). It is a tangerine, painted in acrylics into my A6 Moleskine sketchbook - amazing what this little Moleskine can have applied to its pages.  I really have been thinking a lot about a holiday to a Spanish island and so this little tangerine with the sunlight (or as much of the sunlight as makes it in through my kitchen window in March) seemed to be a little dream of warmer climes. I think the buff titanium and olivey green background feel pretty reminiscent of continental summers.

Unfortunately there are a few bits of it that I've messed up. The tones on the shaded side of the tangerine are a bit clunky and the stalks are too. I had actually got it looking how I wanted it and then decided I would just add a little more at which point Alexander squeaked that his patience was running out and I just blobbed a load of paint on without checking that I'd managed to mix the colour up to match what I'd already been using. Oh well. There is always something. A painting is never really finished. I'm sure no artist is ever 100% happy with the result.The black lines are because I was painting over a scribbled on page in the Moleskine and didn't manage to cover them quite.
Equipment: Acrylic paint, Moleskine, Bright brushes.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Top Banana, Alexander!

I had that feeling, the one where you absolutely, really, totally HAVE to paint! I wanted to paint in acrylics. In my head I paint in acrylics a lot. It's been going on a while now, ever since I painted The Blue Man, which was May 2013, the last time I actually painted in acrylics! I paint all sorts of things, in my head, flowers, portraits, abstract bird filled plains. I paint with brushes, I paint with a palette knife, in lots of lovely colour combinations. Then Alexander wakes up after being asleep for about 10 minutes and I think, just as well I haven't just mixed up those lovely colours or they'd all be about to dry out/get pawed by Loxie now! Yesterday morning though, Alexander had been asleep for 5 minutes and I couldn't resist any longer and decided I'm going to take a chance on starting a painting and who knows maybe I will get to finish it. I'll just do it in the Moleskine, just do a little sketch, small enough that I can paint it quickly before Alexander wakes up. I ran to the kitchen pencil and Moleskine in hand and sketched the three bananas on the table. Then he woke up!

But, today I finished it...in...watercolour, but hey, at least it wasn't Promarkers, I did get the enjoyment of using a brush! And I think it turned out pretty nice. I actually painted it while we were eating our breakfast and Alexander and I chatted away while I was painting. Maybe I underestimated this kid's patience after all?

I must confess that banana number 3 wasn't painted from observation because, on realising that we were out of bread and pancake equipment because I failed to go shopping yesterday, I fed it to Alexander. He ate my still life while I painted the memory of it. Anyway, here they are, bananas, one of which is in baby Alexander's tummy.
Equipment: WATERCOLOUR! (and pencil) on Moleskine Sketchbook

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Puffins (Surely the best of birds)

Here are some puffins.

Equipment: Pitt Pen 'S' and Promarkers.

Alexander Sleeping & Eating (Not at the same time)

I have been making attempts to get over my fear of recording my son in ink. I like drawing his long curly eyelashes. This mainly happens when he is sleeping although that does involve me trying to draw while holding the old Moleskine at some strange angles. He's been so congested lately with the croup virus that he breathes through his mouth while he sleeps and I could feel his little hot breath right over my heart. I managed to capture him eating his favourite food - broccoli. The look in his eye here is exactly the look he gives me.


Here are the latest pages, a collection I call 'Croup'. The clue is in the title as to why I haven't done much in the way of art/posting for a while!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

In the Pines, In the Pines

We've been away on holiday for the week at Center Parcs (courtesy of Grandma, thank you, Grandma) - a week of pretending to be in another country without actually leaving the country.  I was completely in love with the 'cabin' we stayed in. Not a cabin at all but to my mind the perfect house, open plan living area, lots of glass i.e. glass walls, totally minimal i.e. babyproof! Alexander loved the expanse of floor and lack of doorways allowing him to go crazy in his walker car and to crawl all over the place. It is right in the middle of a forest so I was able to delude myself that I was back in Austria...until you get inside the 'Plaza' at which point you can delude yourself that you are somewhere tropical, although it is a bit of a shock to the system if you accidentally leave the safety of the dome in your wet swimming costume and shorts (cue: me).

Anyway, Alexander had some really good snoozes I think as the result of all that time in the 'lazy river' and I was able to take advantage of the big wall of glass and draw nature in January without getting cold.

I really dislike that I used green for the background but I didn't have anything else and leaving it white looked odd too
Surely the perfect home for an artist. Wall of glass!

Alexander driving his car on the patio
I really like how the colour came through the back of the page
Close Up
Colour block leaves - not finished as Alexander woke up!

Real palm, artificial sunshine
Equipment: A6 Moleskine, Faber Castell Pitt Pen 'S', Promakers 'Vanilla', 'Cool Grey 1', 'Moss' and 'Lime Green', Cheapo retractable pencil.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tealy, Tealy Badgers

I sketched this about a month ago after encountering one of the Anti-Cull demonstrations in the city. The Government have, despite much petitioning and support from famous names including Brian May of Queen, introduced a badger cull. Here is my drawing of badgers. Look at them. I'm sure there are other creatures doing far more damage to this country/World than badgers that aren't getting culled for it. Just sayin' *cough*humans*cough*corporations*cough*politicians*.

Equipment: A6 Moleskine sketchbook, Cheapo Papermate pencil, Promarker in 'Marine'.